The Advisory Group of Denver Inc. serves the destination travel industry as a research, technology and administrative platform, providing advisory, new business incubation and development services both for its’ owner/associates and other interested parties. Core competencies include tourism infrastructure assessment, strategic market planning and consulting/advisory services to tourism-dependent businesses and their public service representatives who value research-based process and informed decision making.

Founded in 1984 and owned/operated by industry veteran Ralf Garrison, the Group has morphed along with the industry it serves, founding several related businesses along the way, including The Mountain Travel Symposium, The Assembly, Destination Summit, Trans-Link Systems, Reservation Technologies, and C.R.A.D.R, the Central Reservations Association, now Resort Reservation Association.

More recently, Advisory Group served as the launch, administrative and operational platform for MTRiP, the Mountain Travel Research Program, which evolved into DestiMetrics, providing destination travel market intelligence for dozens of destination resort communities, hundreds of lodging properties and several thousand users in both mountain and sun resort communities in United States and Canada.

In 2018, after completing the sale and transition of DestiMetrics to Inntopia’s Business Intelligence, Garrison has begun to plan the Group’s relaunch, now targeting fall 2018. With a re-tooled set of enabling technology, new research library and family of colleagues as a platform, Garrison intends to utilize the Group both for his own purposes and in support of new business incubation and growth for other interested parties in a similar manner.

Separately but related to Group work, Garrison will soon be providing services in an advisory capacity, continuing to track and report market conditions, insights and strategic trends, broadcasting their stories through presentations, workshops, web/pod casts etc. For more on Ralf Garrison, click here

Further information is available and inquires are invited, by contacting Ralf Garrison as is provided for below.

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